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Please Stand By

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On Tuesday afternoon, we made a couple of changes to the domain name servers for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Unfortunately, the DNS cache is taking forever to refresh, and this is leaving some people unable to view the website. As time ticks on, the DNS refreshes for more people, but we’re not sure why it’s taking so long. It’s in the hands of the ISPs. You can try and use OpenDNS which has worked for a lot of people, or trying the URL without the “www” (this or this). We hope that within the next 24 hours, everything will have refreshed properly.

In the meantime, I am posting Wednesday’s comic, and Tuesday/Wednesday’s Sillies here for those who can’t access the website.




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Wolverine Costume design for a contest thingy at Project Rooftop.




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I know. I’m awful. Lapsed on updates again. Things have just been so busy lately. Lots of new Ctrl+Alt+Del projects that all need attention.

Anyway, just finished up this guy, who will be auctioned off as part of a fully painted Skorne army, with the proceeds going to charity for Cancer.




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Finally finished my Harbinger of Menoth. Took a long time, since it’s basically four models in one. I’ve always considered the Harbinger to be the single toughest model in my whole faction from an assembly/painting standpoint, so I decided just to get on it and get it out of the way. Took a couple of weeks, and I also painted my Vassal while working on her just so that I didn’t have to go two weeks without completing anything.

Next up I may paint some of my Trollbloods for a change of pace.

As far as Daily Sketches, I’m still doing them, but for a little while there I was drawing some stuff I’m not ready to reveal yet. But there should be a sketch dump coming soon.



It was a long and dark December

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This model is a couple of firsts for me. It’s the first time I’ve converted/greenstuffed anything to this extent, and it’s the first time I’ve tried to paint fire. The sword was the main focus of conversion. The original is just silly. How it looks normally here.



And in that darkness when I’m blind with what I can’t forget

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If you believe in magic

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Amon Ad Raza and Feora, Priestess of the Flame



In a club with you in 1973

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She would like me to know she knows

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Got this one almost just how I wanted it on the first try.


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