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Oh girl, you have no faith in medicine

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Working right now to get comics drawn in advance in preparation for the move next week. Aside from being busy moving stuff, you know there’s always a chance the cable company will screw you over getting your service set up. So better to be prepared and let the comic auto-update, so I can focus on arranging my new habitat to my liking.

Did two comics today, then, since Britanny is busy planning a family party for this weekend, I decided to spend my evening with some games and a movie. Played some Tiger Woods 08, and a bit of Chromehounds which I picked again up because Brian “Atomic Robo” Clevinger has been playing. Then I settled in to watch Vacancy, that scary movie with Luke Wilson. Britanny refused to watch it with me. She used to like horror movies, then we saw Hostel. Blech. Movie was ok, ended a little… I dunno.

However somewhere during that two hours I grabbed a pad and sketched some sketchy. Fun.

[T] Martijn Says:

What was it about Vacancy that made you draw a bulky armored guy with a huge sword pressing down on his back? Maybe the silent desire to run something pointy through the eyeballs of the movie’s director?
I think Britanny was right on skipping this one :-) .


[T] Rod Says:

Duuuuuuuude, now that’s some badass sword you’ve got, huh? ::wink, wink::

[T] Rob Says:

I know what you mean about vacancies ending, it didnt give any kind of back story or explanation as to why the people were torturing and killing people and giving the tapes out to truckers. And i think that sketch looks kinda like a medievil space marine :P

[T] Xtrife Says:

Nice sketch.

Must have been a pretty boring movie though since you had time to make the sketch while watching it.

[T] Jay Says:

Nice sketch, reminds me of a space marine a little, nice.

[T] Stephen Says:

Ha cool sketch.
Hostel is more like half porno half horror its realy dissapointing in my opinion.
I only recently got into Ctrl alt del but iv allready got through every single comic its realy amazing so yeah coolnes (thumbs up)

[T] Jason the Wonderfish Says:

Oh….heavens! It…is…COMING FOR MY BABIES! lol, nice one man. Hopefully I can draw like that someday.

[T] Tom Says:

Looks like he’s wearing a cross. Missionary Soldier!

[T] Bradley Says:

He’s got huge hands, but I like it, I like it a lot.

Very nice to see sketches every now and then.

[T] DiZ Says:

May I be the first to say for some reason this reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus?

[T] Justin Says:

I want to wish you good luck on your move Tim, I’m pretty much in the same boat, moving into my first apartment on the ninth. I’m dreading and relishing in it at the same time. I can only imagine how you must feel taking upon an entire house. Hope it gives you a lot of the breathing room you need to do your work, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna fit all my art supplies into a 90sqft room. I may have to cut back on my oxygen for a while.

Good Luck man, and bitch’n sketch.

[T] Brandt Says:

Its like a medieval gear of war. Well…only if at the end of the massive sword a small chainsaw was strapped on.

[T] Ramo Says:

I appreciate the White Stripes lyric as the title. Actually, that is what got me reading this post in the first place.

Congratulations on the house! I wish you many fruitful years in that home. It sounds beautiful (I realize you did not mention it on this post, but I was reading a few posts back, and I thought I would comment on this one).

[T] ryeguyx777 Says:

Cool sketch. I like to armor and the sword though the hilt looks more Aztec than medieval.

[T] Jeff Says:

Neat. I’ve always wanted to see a guy in Imperial Power Armor with a badass sword.
Now, I just need to find a good sword thing that I can stick onto my Raven Guard soldiers…

[T] Nate Says:

The caption should read, “Well, doc, I have this stinging sensation in my back…”

[T] Tim Says:

He seems to be glaring at something on the floor, anyideas what it could be, maybe an open nonrefundable copy of vacancy. Lol!

[T] Jordak_aka_Nopxah Says:

Woo, White Stripes!


Anyway yeah.. Hostel.. horrible..

People just don’t know how to make horror movies anymore…

[T] Aersic Says:

what is it with web-comic artists and moving at the same time? i could swear this is the second time you and mookie have moved within a month of each other… lol

[T] Mark Says:

Definately looks like a Space Marine, but nicer.

[T] Einar Says:

Nice sketch man ! huge sword and armor, and the arms kinda look like the WoW hands.
With the cross he kinda looks like a paladin, one badass paladin

[T] Gamerjoe Says:

Looks good, the sketch reminds me of WoW.

[T] Sgt.Gunlock Says:


[T] Mike Says:

Looks almost exactly like the guy in the opening cutscene of Fallout Tactics, except that guy has a scarr over one eye if i remember right, but yeh i thought of that as soon as i saw this sketch.

[T] evilquail Says:

mmmmmm space marine…. yummmyy

[T] Willlllllllllllllllllll Says:

Having tried it, I can say that strapping a sword on your back is a pain in the bum, because it’s hard to draw, impossible to sheathe, and the hilt keeps tapping you on the back of the head when you walk.

[T] whitefire Says:

cool! When ever I try to draw a guy it alwaysturns out to be a blob!

[T] Keegan Says:

Haha, nice Pally. Almost looks like the new armor sets C=