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Exactly one week left now until I start moving.

I was going through one of my closets and found this:

It’s funny the stuff game companies send out to promote their games. It’s not always just a review copy of the game. Sometimes it’s over-the-top and useless (albeit kinda cool) junk like this. This die cast Le Mans came from Atari a couple of years ago, and it’s not little either. The box it’s in is about the size of a shoebox. Most of the time I give this stuff away to friends or whatever. Like the Viva Pinata review kit, which came in a little wooden crate with all the press materials and an actual pinata.

Makes you wonder if they think it will get them a better review, or if they just do it because its fun and nifty.

[T] AlphaDrake Says:

Hehe cool, Gotta say I love the regular postings now! :D :D

[T] Lewis Says:
[T] Tom Says:

Nice car. Wish I was an official game reviewer. ;)

[T] Tom Says:

Let me correct myself, I wasn’t saying you were an official game reviewer, I mean other people.

[T] Tom P Says:

I’m sure I could take that of your hands :)

[T] macca Says:

They generally send this stuff out because its marketing. It makes you pay attention to the game.

[T] Patrick Says:

Hey there .. nice car. I’m jealous. I did a load of work on the FMV for that game and we never even got a complimentary copy!

[T] André Says:

If you find it useless, give it away to me! That’s a nice car! Haha

[T] Cody Says:

Reminds me of the Le Mans I used to have it was a beast =D although it was an ugly white color

[T] Michael Says:

Nice car : D im building the real version right now actually haha