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So I got the house

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The first week and a half of August were spent driving all over town and surrounding towns viewing houses, condos and apartments. I’ve been living in this house since I moved to Connecticut three years ago, and with my lease ending in September I really didn’t want to spend another winter here. The primary problem is that it’s an older building, with older windows, and I waste a lot of money keeping this place heated in the winter.

So at the beginning of August I started looking around to see what else was out there. I must have looked at a couple of dozen places, but then I found this absolutely gorgeous house right on the river. I applied, got the house, and so now for the past couple of weeks I’ve been slowly boxing up my whole life. I’ve been digging through all the junk that just accumulates over the years, and so far I’ve thrown out 16 trash bags worth of “ehh…maybe I’ll need this someday” stuff. Because let’s face it, you never need that shit. And if by some ridiculous chance you do, just go buy a new one. The less I have to pack and move, the better.

In that vein, I’ve come across a giant box of vintage CAD shirt stock I’m not sure what to do with. Shirts from like the early, early days, that haven’t been in print for years. I’ve considered putting them on eBay… but then I have to deal with shipping them, and ironically I think I’ve already packed any shipping materials I had lying around. It’s pointless to bring them to a convention, because they’re such random designs and sizes.

Just a couple of more weeks.

[T] Patrick Says:

Look at putting the entire box of shirts on ebay as one item! Donate the proceeds to your favorite charity, or since it’s the beginning of a new school year, to a school of your choice. Or, maybe more specific to the art department of a local high school or college. Shipping would be the one box, and i’m sure the CAD fan that gets the shirts will enjoy!

[T] Jenny Says:

Heh We just moved ourselves on August 1st. We got rid of probably as much or more than you did of the “Maybe I’ll need it someday!” stuff. SOO glad. lol And even more glad that the moving is DONE! :) Congrats on getting the house you want!

[T] Alyzebith Says:

Two things
A) how do I get my hands on one of those older shirts
B) way to actually be able to clean out, I’m not happy unless my clothes will all fit in three duffle bags

[T] L33tmoomba Says:

16? beats my record of 7 last time i moved. also congrats on the house, sounds like an amazing location. by the way love your art been a big fan of CAD for years. peace

[T] AlphaDrake Says:

Congrats man, hope the house turns out great. I’d pay for a shirt when you get unpacked though…

[T] AlphaDrake Says:

Do your neighbors know that an internet star is moving in beside them? :D

[T] Fleet Smith Says:

Id like one of those shirts if u ever get em unpacked, when you do tho you should send pics and sizes. WOOHOO old scholl CAD stuff

[T] Avy Says:

I know your pain, we’ve been doing that moving shit too. Congrats to you.

Also, I want a shirt. ^^ Got any adult smalls?

[T] Andre P Says:

Hey Tim,

I’d love to get my hands on an old shirt (or 2 … for my brother). If you do put them up on ebay let me know. Or if you just want to unload them I will pay you privately as well.



[T] Tom Says:

Damn, sounds nice. Enjoy your new house.

[T] Jace Says:

Good luck on your life-changing move. I totally have years worth of just junk built up in my room as well. I dread the day I have to step up to life when my future attacks and it’s suddenly time to move on to all the things that’s required of me. Indeeders.

[T] Lupovski Says:

cool one dude .. hope the transition process goes smoothly for you. Always a bit of a
hassle to relocate your life.

How about a couple of pics of the new place? :)

[T] gamerjoe Says:

Dude thats weird I too just got a house and I got a dog around the same time as you.

My last name is Davidowicz too. No kidding. Weird……

[T] Nighthawk Says:

Wow…i’d very much like to see that new place. hope the moving goes smoothly

[T] Jay Says:

Hope your moving goes smoothly, I have moved twice this past year alone so I know how hectic it can be, all the best man.

[T] ayla Says:

I think bringing them to a convention is a fine idea. Yeah, random assortment of sizes and designs, but do you really think your fans will care? You can sign them and make them limited editions, too. Rock on.

When are you getting married?

[T] Xtrife Says:

Congrats on your new place Tim. :)

Maybe you could give a picture of two of your new place?

I think you should give the T-shirts away at the Redcross or something, you get some publicity because people might wonder what CAD is and you’d be helping people, just a thought.

[T] Christian Says:

X’s idea was pretty good, but how about having some of them to buy at DO next year? God knows we have a myriad of sizes there :P

[T] Maverick Says:

Sizes, shapes… many many shapes we didn’t know were possible…

Congratulations on the new house, Tim.

[T] Chris Says:

Good luck w/ the new house. I’m in Trumbull and am looking to purchase a house in Stratford or Trumbull. Renting or owning? There’s a lot out there right now.

[T] SemiColon Says:

X, if he really wanted to help people, it would probably help more if he sold the shirts and donated the money.

[T] matt Says:

i would love to buy an oldschool shirt Tim. or Xs idea works too

[T] Sarah Says:

You’re not the only one dealing with a move. I’m leaving town for university again in about three days, and moving in with my boyfriend across the city in October, not coming back into town again before the move.

It is quite amazing (and daunting) to realize just how much crap you can pile up, and kind of depressing the way it all gets condensed into little boxes.

Good luck on your move, and I’m very happy for the two of you (and the puppies)

[T] atropa Says:

if you do get around to selling them, would you be shipping to australia?

oh, and don’t mention moving. i’ve just got into my new place, and i’ve got this pavlovian thing where my calves just start aching whenever someone mentions moving.

thanks for the comic, mate. and the s1 animated series is pretty awesome.
- atropa

[T] Mitch Says:

I hope the move goes well. Its kind of hard to think its been three years. I remember you talking about moving in there.

I would buy a shirt or two. What ones are they.

[T] CourtJester Says:

i will pay you for any shirt in a medium…ill pay shipping, whatever, i dont care…congrats on the move and wedding!