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Britanny and I try to take the dogs to the local dog park once a week or so. It’s really nice and quiet, and the puppies enjoy running around off the leash and socializing with other dogs.

[T] Rod Says:

Yay cute puppies \o/

Btw, did you ever figure out how to make that dragon look good? :D

[T] Aurrius Says:

The dragon already looked good, Rod!

And awwwwwwwwwwwh to the puppies! I am SO jealous!

[T] mtngem Says:

Look at those happy boys. ^_^ Good owners.

Hey you can teach him to pull some mobs for you back to camp. Heh.

Eep, going out for dinner…. lets see so far in this story line we have Ethan, Lucas and Kate going out for dinner and a scorpian…. I wonder where this will go lol. Aw look at hubert, hes so cute. I nameded the scorpion heh.

Beans and rice make the perfect protien….. Ack not vegan, did she have to be vegan? Bleech. lol. I dont like steak persay, its like eating meat gum but totally vegan? Oy vay..

*Eats a beef burrito.

[T] Zo Says:

Seriously how do you get any work done with puppies that adorable about? It’s so…cute…it hurts….*explodes through cuteness overload*

[T] Martijn Says:

I must say, those dogs are as cute as my 2 Chihuahua’s, they would by quite the competitors in a doggy cute-off. I’d better go pimp my dogs, trim them, wash them, give ‘em a good wax coating. Eat your heart out, terriers!
Tim, might I inquire: are you going to do another scetch-to-ink-to-fullcolor artwork series again in the future, like you did with that wood elf piece? That was awesome, I’d love to see some sort of follow-up piece to that. Maybe for the upcoming Crysis game?


[T] dudenextdoor Says:

Give it a few years and they’ll be ready for Crufts.

[T] JimJamDaSnowman Says:

Those ‘things’ you see at Crufts, they aren’t dogs, they are creatures bred to boost their owners status. They’re status symbols. Pampered and spoilt so other humans can watch and applaud.
Sure they can run over courses, navigate mazes and jump through hoops but at the end of the day can they tackle a criminal? Can they sniff out explosives or drugs? Can they help a blind man cross the road or get the phone for a deaf person?
Cruft dogs aren’t real dogs.

Real dogs run through puddles, get messy, climb on your sofa, spray off the muck around your living room and then continue to eat that steak you left out to defrost. And you love them for it.

I hope that Simon and Kaylee cause Tim all the havoc in the world, cos the best dogs are never truly tamed.

[T] steph Says:

Aw man. I’m just jealous of that dog park! All the park in Missoula has is an open field and a lot of holes in the fence, lol.
Such cute puppies, awwww.

[T] Clay Says:

Simon is just THE cutest thing to exist ever, period.

[T] Jenna Says:

Kind of off subject, but the title of the blog made me look. There is this great website, where you can post a love message (mine is number 236 :) ) and you might check it out. This guy who runs it is trying to get a million love messages posted and maybe win some award, but regardless there are a lot of cool poems and pictures up.

[T] Tom Says:
[T] Crimson_Sky Says:

I adore Yorkies. ^_^ They’re awesome. I can’t get over how large the oldest one is, though. rare for me to see one that big, at least the way the pics make it look.

You guys are so lucky. If I got one right now I think my cat would eat it. XD 7lb Yorkie + 20lb Maine Coon cat = Puppy snack.

[T] Rocky Says:

Crimson is right, Kaylee got big. How old is she, and for that matter, how old is Simon?

[T] quical Says:

Awesome dogs Tim, I want some…

[T] J Says:

I prefer Huskies myself. But my neighbour has a dog like yours.
It doesn’t like me. But yours look nice though.
Unless…they secretly sneak out at night to prey upon the forsaken souls of their unknowing victims…
Stalking them silently whilst plotting their death.
In the first picture you can just see that dog saying “DEATH TO ALL MORTALS!” as he gazes into your soul and slowly drains you of your life force…
Either that or “I need to poopie.”
Both could be better I suppose.
I hope your dogs remain in good health, and look out for any mysterious dissapearences in your neighbourhood.
Take care now.

[T] LeBlanc Says:

AWWWWW!!! I would try anything for your dogs!!!

The park seems to nice! and I love teh Otakun pic. (costume was awesome) and I loved the dragon to…it always seemed nice to me. I just hope you become happy with it!

[T] Sean Says:

Hey Tim! I have been a fan of CAD for a long time but I have never commented this site before. I just wanted to say keep up the good Work!

[T] J0rd4nd01234 Says:

Theyr’e sooo nice dude ive got two elkhounds that are just huskies with curlier tails and tufty gray and black fur rather thn nice soft fur but still theyre good guard dogs

[T] Casper Says:

Honestly Tim.. Those puppies are so adorable! =) Makes me all jealous.

Think it’s a great thing you and Britanny takes them to the dog park once a week =)

[T] eM Says:

Beautiful puppies, yes. But looking at the pictures I also somehow thought of what a beautiful couple you guys make. Well, i’ve always thought you were a cute couple, but i guess it occurred to me how long you’ve been together and how much you both share…maybe because my own relationship with my love has taken a down turn, eheheh..=(

But anyhow, congratulations on your happy life and your lovely pooches! ^__^

[T] Tendonut Says:

These dogs scare me now. By brother’s ex-girlfriend has one named Armani and she has been stalking him ever since they broke up.
Picture this….Short large italian girl at 3:00 AM standing next to a tree with this dog under her arm with her big hollywood sunglasses…waiting for my brother to come home and yell at him for dumping her psycho ass.

[T] Sgt.Gunlock Says:

Man wish I had a K-9 Companuen(spelled that wrong I know )

[T] Spartan007 Says:

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