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Been a little busy around here the last two weeks. I’m finally about done with this new computer stuff. My new gaming rig is built, and my old gaming rig is now running as my new work computer.

The specs for my new gaming rig are:

Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor
Asus Striker Extreme 680i motherboard
4GB Corsair Dominator RAM
2x GeForce 8800GTX video cards
Ageia PhysX card
320GB 3GB/s SATA Seagate HD

The Asus Striker Extreme motherboard is really nice. It’s got tons of really cool features, and of course the nVidia 680i chipset. It also has a ton of problems, as you’ll see if you look at the reviews on NewEgg or any forums. The motherboard is really finicky, so I was rolling the dice by going with it, but I thought it was worth a shot.

I was using a Cooler Master Stacker 830 for my case this time around. My previous two builds have both used Thermaltake Xaser IIIs, which I really liked. But now that I’ve used a Stacker 830, I won’t be going back to the Xaser III. The stacker just has so many really great features, it’s well-built and its a neat looking case too.

The build went pretty smoothly to start. I got the motherboard mounted to the case’s mobo tray, and then realized I had to unmount the whole thing in order to install this massive Zalman heatsink I had. So put that together with some trusty arctic silver, and put the whole thing back together. Threw the 4GB of memory onboard and tried to post, since memory compatibility is pretty much the #1 problem I’d heard about with the Striker Extreme. The system posted without a problem. The motherboard has a little LCD screen on the back of it (where all your plugs go), which you can read while the system posts to see if/where there is a problem. It was fairly helpful during the build. The motherboard also has a series of buttons mounted directly on it for power, reset and cmos, so you can work on the system without connecting it to your case.

I put one of the video cards in, the system still posted fine. So I started installing the rest of the components, and installed the mobo tray into the case and connected all the wiring. This is where the build went sour for a while.

All of the sudden I was getting the dreaded CPU INIT error on startup, and the system wouldn’t post. This error is notorious with users of this board, so my heart sank. Using my laptop, and trusty Google, I started the long process of troubleshooting. Started with the memory, trying to boot with only one stick, clearing the cmos a few times in a row, at one point I had everything but the CPU out of the system, and I was still getting the error. I was getting seriously frustrated, and was fairly close to RMA’ing the board.

Then, somehow, by a stroke of blind luck, the system posted on startup. I started analyzing what I had changed. I’ll save you the long story, but in the end, the culprit ended up being the floppy cable. I had ordered a nice round floppy cable for use in the system. But when it was plugged into the motherboard, I got a CPU INIT error and the system wouldn’t boot. I swapped it out with one of the regular ribbon floppy cables that comes with the motherboard, and the system had no problem. Reinstalled all the hardware and everything worked great.

The system is a powerhouse, and I love it. It runs Command and Conquer 3 with everything on high at 1920×1200 like butter. I even reinstalled Oblivion and bought Shivering Isles just to play around and see how it looked. The system was a pain in the ass there for a little while, but it was worth it.

Here’s a picture of the motherboard mounted to the tray, before I realized I had to take it apart to put the heatsink in.

I installed trusty Windows XP on this one because nVidia hasn’t gotten Vista SLI support nailed yet. I’d rather lose a little bit of RAM than a whole 8800GTX.

This is just as cold as it looks. The Cooler Master Stacker has some serious airflow. I love it. (this is also during setup, while I was making sure everything was working. I rerouted and ziptied all those cables before closing up the case)

Here she is all set up and purring like a kitten.

Also, as promised, I have some puppy pictures. This is Britanny and I with Simon when we went to pick him up.

When we first brought him home, Kaylee was a bit scared of him, even though she’s four times his size. She kept running to me to protect her.

We gave Simon his first bath.

Keeping the little guy warm afterwards.

The two of them on my lap. They’re not a huge fan of the camera flash.

[T] Zack Says:

Hah, nice. Wish I could have a pup.

[T] Simon Says:

Well aren’t your dogs cute! I love Simon’s blue eyes..reminds me of my dog when he was a pup so cute and small… :)

[T] Zach Says:

Man, that is a beautiful rig! Wish I could afford something like that.

Beautiful dogs, too.

[T] John Says:

Wow, what a rig! Nice work. Cute puppy too ^^

[T] Trent Hill Says:

Cant believe I only JUST now got the Firefly reference. Im an idiot.

[T] Oystein Says:

Can’t believe I just NOW got it… Great system. Greater puppies :P

[T] RonSoda Says:

Hah, I have the same case, i had aseriously hard time getting the box it came in to my Jetta. :D Wikkid case though, really solid construction. I’m jealous of you 8800’s, wish i could justify dropping that kind of money but i need a house more.
Cute little guy you got yourself, When i finally make up my mind on a house im getting a puppy boxer for sure.


[T] Jenny Says:

you know, I think you’d look better with different frames, like thicker black or white ones.

…just saying.

[T] Zeeeeed Says:

Holy crap Simon is adorable.

[T] alanDS Says:

Nice rig. I would have gone with the eVGA board because of all the issues people have been having with the Asus striker…
It’s surprising how much of a difference SLI makes especially if you are playing at that high a resolution and full settings. a friend of mine runs dual 8800s on a 30″ dell at something crazy like 2560xSomething

[T] Peter Says:

This may be slightly off topic but i’m just wondering what that rig set you back :P

[T] Michael Says:

Damn, Firefly reference, oh yeah! Nice rig, and nice pictures too. Think I’ll be getting both C&C3 and Shivering Isles tomorrow, but I doubt they’ll run as shiny as on your new rig, must say I’m a bit jealous.

[T] Remy Says:
[T] Leginag Says:

Nice Rig, and sooo cute puppies.

Just out of interest, what speed RAM did u get??

[T] Matt Says:

Ahh we have a Yorkie, the little bastard. He won’t stop yipping.

[T] Andrew Says:

Thats an awesome rig! I wish I had the money for all that, but my current comp is still good to me.

[T] Mpicco Says:

Cool set up there, could you tell me how much you spent on that? for comparison’s sake. I dont live in the US and here everything is more expensive…
Cute puppies too. I just have a cat… and she sleeps all day. Except to eat.

[T] Trevor Says:

You know, you kind of look like the guy who does Dominic Deegan in this picture…

[T] Luke Says:

Nice rig, I’m suprised you didn’t go with the Qx,
Although the 6800 does provide a better clock per core and most apps don’t utilize multiple cores well yet. Very Nice.. Jealousy Rages.

Looking forward to hearing about your vista experiences! :-D

[T] Jay Says:

Damn.. thats a hardcore rig

nice job ;) musta been hella expensive though.. I never woulda been able to afford that kinda setup :P

the dogs are cute too :)

[T] D Says:

*gasp* This “Kaylee” person is a pinkskin! :O Curse the Alliance and their propaganda!

P.S.: I want your comp.

[T] Dru Says:

Heh. Your dogs are adorable. :D

I have no idea about computers, so I don’t know but it looks all very fancy. :)

[T] Nick Says:
[T] Zero Says:

Are you having as many “Out of memory errors” as everyone else in the C&C community with that damned game? (Total waste of $60 it has been sofar since it hardly works.)


[T] Vic Says:

holy hell! I tallied up those specs on newegg, and it comes to a grand total of $4,691.94 w/o shipping. you’re definitely not going to need to upgrade anything for a solid 3 years, I would say.

[T] Steven Says:

Aww… cute dogs. I want them.

[T] Kitty Says:

my kittens aren’t fans of the flash either.. eventually I clued in enough to turn the flash OFF, but everytime they hear the camera click, they squint anyways…

makes for some nice faces…

[T] -Z- Says:

……screw you and your sweet computer. …and you should get a cat =P

*flaunts my slightly crippled MacBook* Yeah, well my computer has a glowing Apple on the back of the screen! Yeah! Deal with it! ..*crawls away*

[T] Wednesday Says:

Ungh, *crawls besides you with his MacBook* I can play … umm … Halo?

Sweet rig man, just, omg it’s sweet :P And your dogs are adorable. Are they related, or just the same breed?

[T] Kat Says:

What an adorable little puppy!

Just a word of advice — pets’ eyes can be damaged by camera flashes, so best to leave it off and spare those cute blue eyes.

[T] Count Says:

Install the “Physical Address Extension” patch for Windows XP and you’ll be able to have 4gigs in a Windows XP environment :)

[T] Texta Says:

Damn, nice rig you got there, beautiful puppies! They are so cute =).

[T] Kirk Says:

How much did that whole schpeel cost you?

Cute puppy, by the way =]

[T] ssmmdd Says:

That’s a good question. Just how much did it cost, as it looks a kick-ass system.

[T] Gibby04 Says:

It’s so beautiful… the puppy is awesome looking too. i wish i had the several thousand bucks for a rig like that.

[T] Florence Says:

awww, is that a yorkie? theyre both so cutttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, u make me wanan hugg them and snuggle them and sleep with them, even though i might crush him T_T

HES SO CUTEEEE :( i want to have one :)

[T] Rick Says:

My sister has the same kind of dog.

[T] Rianne Says:

Aww, what a cute puppy!!! They look a little possessed in the last pic though…

[T] fjak Says:

i have a friend that looks alot like britanny in that pic..


[T] Jenn Says:

I won’t lie. I came for pics of the puppy. :) She’s really, really adorable!

[T] Adam Says:

Bloody hell that’s a nice computer would’ve cost shiiiiiiiiitloooooooads. I’m on a piddly P4 2.4ghz and 786 ram with a 6600 gt so you must understand my situation.

And yeah, how much did that beauty cost? I wonder if i could sell all my possesions to gather the cash for it?

[T] Makkyo Says:

Hmmm….. how many RPM’s does your hard drive run at? For a system like that, it should be at least 10,000 as to not bottleneck all of the speed you have on the rest of your machine.

[T] brenda Says:

my parents have a yorike too!!! they are so cute and really smart. they r the best dogs

[T] Panavision Says:

Just out of curiosity, and partly because I’m too lazy to do the research, how much did that whole rig cost?

[T] Jasino Says:

One: Your computer? Hawt. Just plain hawt.

Two: Your dogs? Amazingly cute. Just gotta say.

[T] Kaye Says:

Nothin’ but gorgeous in those pics. New Computer, Canines, you & Brittany…. Major Cuteness!!

[T] Owen Says:

Well, partner adores the puppy, cant say I blame her, gotta say that is one hell of a rig.

[T] AlphaDrake Says:

Looking pretty nice man, grats,

[T] Vode Says:

Wow… That rig blows my mind. Those 8800’s will really appreciate those side fans, my 8800GTS runs hot by itself.

[T] Black Mage Says:

Aww your puppies are adorable!

[T] ThalionRin Says:

Cute puppies.

Dear god, that is a monster of a computer. I am most thoroughly impressed (and jealous ;_;). How much did all that gear cost you?

[T] Rachel Says:

Puppy.. so cute..
‘hem. Random CAD fan just popping in. I -love- Yorkshire terriers. x.x And my cats do the same thing with camera flash. My kitten’s eyes turn lime green and my himalayen sort of usually goes for an orangey-red death glare.

[T] Lexxielizzie Says:

awww, kaylee and simon, in puppy form. that’s horrifically adorable!

i’m now imagining the entirity of firefly done with puppies. IT’S TOO CUTE!!

[T] Mike&Tom-Alive vista Says:

heh, dogs are such wonderful and funny creatures. Love the puppy vry Cute.
sweet computer as well *looks at it longingly*

[T] Tash Says:

Your dogs are just adorable, the rig just looks confusing, but i’m pretty damn sure if i smacked the side off my processer it wouldn’t look like that ^^.

Great comic by the way, all my friends and I love it.

When are you going to have Ethans stag night….I can see that being a LOT of fun =D

Take care.

[T] Urlian Says:

Awwwww. Curse those puppyeyes.

[T] Stevobob Says:

Man, are those dogs ever awesome. Slick rig, too, glad it ended up working out.

[T] kayce Says:

wow i totally missed the firefly names, and i am currently watching all the episodes again. nice dogs but i like bigger dogs like labs, the small ones bark too much imo…… damn nice rig too. like everyone else i wish i could afford that, who am i kidding i wish i could afford half that lol

[T] Hexxus Says:

awwww, your puppies are so cute ^_^ Simon reminds me of my Teddy when he was just a puppy, so cute and little and cuddly. kick ass computer too O_o

[T] Azirafal Says:

You know what? Just a sec ago I was so happy to be putting together my first computer. I mean, I had others before, but this one’s the first I’ve bought with my own hard earned money. I just need to get a decent PSU and that would be it. I’d even be able to play games like Heroes V or Oblivion and I was so happy.

But when I read what kind of machine you’re getting my first thought was “kill kill kill” :) Man, I hate you just for showing us how cool your rig is. I really, thorougly and clearly hate you :) *sigh*

But yeah, I’ll keep reading the comic, ’cause it’s cool and hilarious at times. And eventually I’ll forgive you ;)


P.S. I love the dogs, though. They look sweet.

[T] Zack H Says:

Wow nice PC and very nice pup! just like mine. ^_^

[T] Eddie Says:

Thanks for the Newegg reference man, I’ve worked there for 2 years now. Love your comic!

[T] Toni Says:

That puppy is absolutely gorgeous!! :D

[T] Sobye Says:

That’s just adorable. The puppies are cool too.

[T] Mackan Says:

That’s…wow. I wish I had puppies again.
Nice rig, as well.

[T] wedge37 Says:

Awwwwww! These puppies are sooooo adorable! I just wanna squeeze them! ^_^

By the way, awesome rig ya got there!

[T] tora Says:

Nice rig Tim :D
‘grats on getting that pesky mobo to work too ^_^

Cute puppy, hopefully it will settle soon and they’ll both get along like two pea’s in a pod xD

[T] Alex Says:

The one with the blue eyes looks… EVIL!!!!
Keep an eye on him.

[T] BlackDove Says:

Nice, everything seems on schedule.

When’s the baby coming along then?

[T] Genocide Says:

Awww. Those dogs are Adorable. What breed are they?

Btw, Nice Rig.

[T] Anteuz Says:

That’s some serious gaming rig, Man I wish I could buy something like that too :) Also puppies brought the cute factor through the roof :)

[T] Tom Says:

I wish I earnt enough to get something like that together. One day, one day….

[T] Michelle Says:

Awww, they are so cute. We have two Yorkies at our house as well. Roxi and Mercedes. Roxi is Mercedes mom lol. Were suppose to have another one in like 6 months or so. :D .

[T] Kazave Says:

Very nice rig. Looks like your effort was worth it. Also, Simon is adorable.

[T] Mike Says:

Heh, in the last picture the puppy on the right is giving an “I’ll fuck you up good, boy” look.

[T] Nick Says:

Shiny computer, insanely cute dogs, what more could you ask for?

[T] Katana Says:

First, the computer. Made of WIN. That is all.

Second, the puppies. Simon is just adorable. I didn’t know you had Yorkies, so I was surprised to see Simon. …I mean that in the sense that of my two dogs, the younger is a Yorkie/Maltese mix, so he looks like Simon.

Well, in whatever case, good luck. ;3

[T] Chris Says:

That’s a very funny story, especially to me. When I first built my gaming PC, I used an MSI motherboard (forget which one) and couldn’t get it to post. Turns out that my problem was also caused by a ribbon cable. It looks like motherboards really don’t like the round ones.
Grats on the new PC though, and the puppy.

[T] Owen Says:

I dunno what too say, other than that rig makes my pc look crippled, you have 16 x my ram amount.

Nice dogs =D

[T] Angus Chen Says:

I just wanted to know…
How much did that computer cost?

And it really is a beautiful thing

[T] Jacen Says:

Dude! Awesome setup!! I’d kill for something like that!

Also, adorable pups! : )

[T] Erykah Says:

Yorkies are the cutest things since ever.

[T] Scott Says:

well you have my dream build, by the way very cute puppies

[T] NogginDew Says:

I just pretty much upgraded every part in my computer and your computer pretty much just stomped it flat and raped its corpse. (TEABAG TEABAG TEABAG says the friend next to me. -whaps! friend-)

Great system, great dogs and great blog titles? :0~

[T] Whitney Says:

nice setup!
that puppy makes me wish my beta fish was a lap dog. for now i’ll settle with just staring at the bowl.

[T] Dan Says:

Damn, that’s quite the rig you’ve made yourself.

What PSU did you go with?

[T] dudenextdoor Says:

I don’t know which i would rather have.



Kick-ass PC

choosing is hard…

[T] Doug Says:

Oh, God. Those puppies are almost too cute to look at, oh and the computer is nice too.

[T] Stephi Says:

You know, I’m not much of a toy dog fan, but those are some cute pictures.

Puppies always make me melt. So cute!

Oh and yea, nice PC :P

[T] zonker Says:

Sounds like a smokin’ rig. My only question is: can it plan Armed Assault? I am *so* looking forward to the NA release (May1st!) but my current hardware isn’t up to snuff and I keep hearing how certain systems have problems with the game. I’m planning on building a custom rig but the choices are driving me insane. = 365 days of Christmas. A very expensive Christmas, at that.

[T] Sarah Says:

Yorkies: great puppies or greatest puppies?

[T] TJ Says:

If your computer and my friend’s computer got together and reproduced, that young machine would be the Paul Bunyan of all electronic devices. It will take forty people to push the mouse, ten on each key to type, and the speakers can never be turned on for they would surely destroy the universe if they were to emit the slightest sound. And when those people push the mouse, they will leave the Mouse Lakes, and they will put Cayuga and Seneca Lakes to shame.

Kaylee and Jake (our Yorkiepoo), on the other hand, could end world conflict with their puppies. The subsequent presidential election would be the first in which a dog is a major contender.

[T] Sarah Says:

I don’t know enough about computers to make a comment on the thing you made. I’ll just say it looks pretty awesome.

And the puppies are adorable! ^_^

[T] Gared Says:

Tim, what sound card did you go with? Just an X-Fi (since Creative seems to have discontinued the much more reliable and awesome Audigy 2s and 4s)?

What PSU did you get? Must be something pretty beefy.

What are those speakers you’re using? What size is the sub? You might want to pick up the Cyber Acoustics A-3780rb 2.1 set. 180W RMS with an 8″ (wish it was a 10″ with that much power but oh well). They’re only $80, and Cyber Acoustics makes the best “computer” specific speakers I have ever heard. The equivalent 5.1 system is pretty good but the highs are a little tinny sometimes.

What’s your monitor model? It looks pretty big, maybe 24″?

[T] Brandon Paddock Says:

Hey, I noticed you mentioned losing a bit of RAM because you didn’t go with Vista yet. Really, you’re losing that because you went with a 32-bit OS and have 4GB of memory. If you went with XP x64 Edition you wouldn’t be having that problem.

Of course, Vista x64 is really the way to go (that’s what I run on my 4GB rig, but I don’t have SLI).

[T] P1 Dante Says:

Well that’s a sweet setup there, kinda reminds me of my own ;)

Simons adorable, but isin’t Kaylee supposed to be his younger sister? She’s twice his size!

[T] Alexandra Says:

Is that a Yorkie/Poodle mix and a teacup Yorkie? :D That’s what my friend has. It looks just like her dogs :) so cute

[T] SMFX Says:

You know, you could get all 4GB with your XP by using the /PAE switch in your boot.ini.


[T] haha Says:

you can really tell where people’s priorities/preferences lie by looking to see if they compliment the puppy or the computer first


btw, sweet computer

and cool dog


[T] Tyler Spilker Says:

How much did the computer cost overall?

Nice puppy! Very very cute!

[T] Mike Says:

awwwww isnt it cute? with its lil 9 mm Led’s lights.. awww :$

the puppy is cute too!:)

[T] Joel Says:

Sweet rig, I must say. But with all those fans, doesn’t it sound like a jet engine? Even with super-quiet fans, it seems like that many would add up.

[T] diginova Says:

What sort of power does that draw?

[T] Reesie Says:

i read your comic strip every day. (mad props btw) and when i saw this i had to comment…
this is MY baby (see we have something in common)

i’m a BIG BIG yorkie fan and i love mine with all my heart and i always like to share when i can! =D your puppy is absolutely adorable! your adult one seems to be rather large for a yorkie but sooo pretty!! ok well enough of that…

nice computer btw.

[T] Patrick Says:

Nice post. Perhaps sometime you could do a computer build video, speed up like the animation one you did. Also cute dog, looks like fun.

[T] RPharazon Says:

TWO 8800GTX cards?

And here I thought, sitting like a fool and thinking you’re one of those comic-makers that barely keep themselves afloat.

[Sitting here with an integrated Intel graphics accelerator with 64MB VRAM and a Celeron processor]

[T] Crasong Says:

Yeah man! another fellow CM stacker 830 user!
dont see much of those here where i live….in fact, most ppl are like, “Cm wha?”. anyway that is a friggin cute dog and a rig on the inside that makes my soul weep, :P . oh yeah how is C&C 3? ive never had enough money to play that series. peace

[T] Jeff Munk Says:

First things first: *drool*
Next: Ewwwwww! Floppy disk!
Last: Nice pups.
A bit nostalgic, I remember when I used to do gaming desktops… now I just have my poor single core AMD 64 laptop… This is truly a thing of beauty, it takes a true geek to fully appreciate something like this. Good luck, and happy gaming!

[T] Jo Says:

Forget that computer, your puppies are adorable!
(I didn’t mean that, computer. I’m drunk.)

[T] Nitrile Says:

Nice setup, I was wondering what cooling you use.
What size case fans
What VGA cooler(s)
What CPU cooler
Any HD cooler?
Any memory cooler(s)?
any info would be great! Thanks.

[T] Thaily Says:

Aaaw, your puppies are adorable :)

[T] spikeman Says:

“Kaylee was a bit scared of him, even though she’s four times his size.”

That cracked me up.

[T] Matthew Wilson Says:

My rig is better…

April Fools!

Wait…damn :’(

[T] Elias Says:

O.O zomg nice comp :P I’d need sumthin like that tbh, and well, the dog was… kinda cewl, nuttin compared to the comp tho…

[T] Sarah Says:

ah, the cuteness! Yorkies right? They look very happy too :)

That computer looks pretty cool too. Definitely wouldn’t mind having something like that.

[T] Elchi Says:


[T] Nynaeve Says:

OK - you stole my puppies - honestly, I have their twins - this is buddy and pixie:

They are Silky Terriers, not full blood Yorkies (mixed with Australian Terrier) - but I just loved your photos, and it’s like you stole my doggies for your pics!

[T] Rebound Says:

Your new puppy is adorable. Your old puppy is adorable. I especially like the picture of you drying Simon, with his eyes all closed like, “Aww yeah, this is the life.”

I also would like to state, for the record, that I am sick with jealousy at your new rig. The processor alone costs more than my entire rig. *sad*

[T] Kate Says:

Awww! Widdle puppy doggies! So cute! ^_^

Very cool computer too! I had no clue what on earth you were talking about, but the computer looks very hightech and stuff. I think. It must be cool to have a computer that has like blue glowing light. Our computer is a Dell, so I am in awe of your customized self-built gaming computer of doom. ;)

[T] Joris Says:

Hah :) well just a quick explanation then:

He’s pretty much got the fastest system money can buy ;)

[T] Joris Says:

Nice specs, you gotta clean up those cables tho Tim! Here’s a quick guide I followed when I built my first system :)

Your pup does look cute tho :D

[T] Marissa Says:

forget everything else, you have a shrek chia pet.
Love it:-)

[T] pterryclava ninja Says:

sick rig.
and that last shot of simon, i thought he was an ewok at first

[T] Nigga Says:
[T] Nik Says:

The fact you have two yorkshire terriers just makes you so much greater in my eyes. I was squeeing so bad over them I barely even noticed the cool rig.

[T] Vexo Says:

…Is that a Shrek Chia-pet in your kitchen? o.0

[T] daniel Says:

man that dog is awsome we just got a yorky pupy exatkly like that by the way nice compy just dont use vista man a topof the line computer crashes on the primiem verson just transfering files 3 times in a half hour and this is a computer expert doing this but still the pupy is awsome and if its like mine energetic

[T] Razmataz Says:

Damn, that’s one badass rig :)
Just a shame you chose to have leds in it. I like a subtle and not illuminated case :)

and adorable puppies indeed!

[T] Rachel Says:

nice rig for sure… And such a cute puppy awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[T] Anubhav Says:
[T] Dave-o Says:
[T] Finchy boi Says:

That is so cute! ^^ i just want to cuddle them! their like a small bundle of pur cuteness, in fluffy form!!

[T] Jess Says:

awwwwwww so cute!
I got a new puppy the other day 2 :) also a Yorkie. YAY for Yorkies :D

[T] Bill Says:

I was speed reading through the specs and I had to do a double take because I thought I read Anus Striker Extreme.

[T] Shadow Says:

That’s one pretty intense PC. If I told you my specs you would feint because they suck too much.

The dogs are cute too. :)

[T] FloppySataCable Says:

Great build!

I’m with Dan and would sorta like to know what PSU you have running in that beast.

Thanks for doing something worthwhile with the net.

[T] AbdicoVeritas Says:

W0wz, that rig is amazing *jealous* but please do something about all these cables, you’ve got a kazillion fans in there, and the cables are seriously messing up your airflow
The puppies are cool to, cuteness ^_^

[T] Lupovski Says:
[T] james Says:

Sooo not a good place for them to be if the flash upsets them!

[T] will Says:

haha, he does look like an ewok in that last pic. i’m diggin that shrek chia pet.

that rig is frickin sweet.

[T] Vincent Says:

Man… With a rig like that, i had to look how much and man, you’re sick ! héhéhé
I know i’m in Canada so my numbers must be like 3x bigger but still, i did 2 trips in Europe for this price :)
Look mighty good thought! :D

[T] Mike Says:

Really cool rig you have.

I love the dogs. I have 3 of them myself, 2 males and a female. Female is the youngest. Kaylee looks stuningly like my oldest, whereas Simon looks like the 2nd male we have, Sonny, when he was a pup. Lovely dogs, Yorkies are my favourite. :P

[T] Alex Says:
[T] Wracky Says:

A board that doesn’t post over a floppy cable? o_O
maybe a bios update will fix that in the future?

Anyways did you have any luck with that stacker?
I once spend 3 hours assembling one of those monsters
and I sure as hell got annoyed by it.
I found the plastics to be “breaky break” quality and it kinda
pissed me off that it is so darn expensive, yet so roughly
polished and put together…

Anyways, 2 of those G80’s will do the trick combined
with an X6800 ;-) nice stuff there ;-)
With such a board, coolers, and memory, did you overclock it?

Nice doggy too ^^

[T] Bates Says:

Hah, your puppies kick ass. I just got mine, a 5 month old lab.

[T] Scot Says:

Aww, I have a yorkie too, and I remember how cute he was when he was a pup.

Nice comp too.

[T] rastaninja15 Says:

*new registator, but long time CAD fan*

your smart, you got cute, good looking puppies that happen to be small. my little sister picked out an ugly 90 lb dog

[T] Aerixis Says:


*wakes up*



[T] Aceles Says:

You are adorable, your puppies are adorable. I want to hug them and pet them very very badly. That picture with the towel contains head-explody joy and squiggly levels of cuteness. I can find no other appropriate words to describe it.

Also–the fact that my favorite web comic author is also a major fan of my very favorite band makes me cheer. Us MCR fans are growing in number and militant in loyalty, like the 300. But we get picked on ALOT. Do you find yourself defending the band to people who say “HOMIGOD MCR THERE SUM SUKY EMO” as often as I do?

At any rate, it’s very cool to see you like them. I love you, your comic, and your puppies. I will steal them for my own if you do not vigilantly watch them.


[T] RikiOh Says:

That looks like a pretty cool rigg. The Cooler Master Stacker 830 is a really neat looking case. I noticed that is has front ports for headphones and usb. My question is how does the case get them to work with the Motherboard?

[T] Krista Says:

..Can I have him?


..My sisters Yorkie is kinda annoying.
But your look so sweettt D:

[T] Ron Says:

Wow I’d kill for those dogs, seriously. Simon is adorable in the picture where he is looking up.

[T] Chris Says:

Nice computer, btw was wondering how much it cost you
because i was thinking about making a new computer and i reckon those r good specs
=D but anyway if anyone could like gimme a estimate because im too laze to google all of that =D thx


Hey Tim I haven’t seen anything worth commenting lately till today, nice rig - you went a bit overboard there

Still a couple raptors could go a long way lol

I’m curious as to what other parts you used though…

I can see the zalman cpu cooler but I can’t seem to pinpoint an X-Fi or identify your keyboard, mouse, LCD or speakers

As an added point, you made it sound like you have to decided between Vista and XP, why not dual boot? Vista is going to have alot of problems with some games anyways thanks to the changes they’ve made in the OS.

[T] Dan Says:

LCD looks like a Samsung. Since he mentioned 1920×1200 I’m going to say 244T, unless they have an older 24″ model. Looks the same though. Mouse is a Logitech G5. Keyboard looks like a Zboard, one of those with the changeable key sets. I’ll pass on the speakers though, and there does appear to be a card underneath the bottom 8800, but I couldn’t tell you what that is.

[T] Manus Celer Dei Says:
[T] Bock the Robber Says:

Votally off-topic, but relevant to the time of year. I came across your crucifixion picture and it seemed to be made for an Easter Sunday story I had, so I put them together.

Hope you don’t mind, but if you do I’ll take it down.

[T] Milr Says:

Aww the puppies are so cute, and How much did your new rig cost?

[T] Dăcasy Says:

My parrot died last night.
But the puppies are cute, though. :D

[T] Iria Says:

Oooh your girfliend got a nice sweatshirt, is she a wow fan too? :D
In the photo with Simon in the towel you two are really cute hehe, now it’s time to teach him where to poo :P

[T] Alex Says:

Thank you so much for your blog about the Asus Striker Extreme. I had the exact same problem. After removing the floppy cable everything worked like a charm.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


[T] fwolf Says:

sounds like a junky talking about his favorite drugs … ;)

cu, w0lf.

[T] Cytherene Says:

Looks like a nifty deal. You’ve probably heard about this already, but watch out for the SI bug. Shouldn’t mess with your system much, but it’ll do a number on your game.

Beautiful pups, though. Simon looks like he’ll do quite well with his older sibling.

[T] Stuart Says:

cuuute! i love terriers

i’m buillding in the summer and was hoping to use the striker thanx for the heads up

[T] Stuart Says:

ps nice title saw those guys live, blew my mind

[T] Xbehave Says:

dude, why are you putting a floppy drive anyway? those cables are just gunna screw with your flow and do you every use it!

shame about the nvidia drivers but im sure theyll update drivers soon, good old nvidia!

[T] Dave Says:

that many fans has to be pretty damn noisy haha. not sure i would want that kind of loud beast sitting next to me on my desk. pretty socl hardware though. love the case.

[T] Lisa Says:

Okay, so, yes, this was posted almost a month ago. But I had to comment on your Yorkies!

They’re just beautiful creatures!! I’m guessing the older one a full sized, and not a miniature. Is the younger one the same breed?

Terriers are just fantastic pets!

[T] Xyn Says:

Those puppies are obscenely cute. Really, I’m a cat person, but bugger cats, I want a puppy!

[T] forcifer Says:

sweet comp. just get watercooling installed and you will be done :P (die hard watercooling fanatic)

[T] emily Says:

because one day, I’ll leave you.
a phantom, to leave you in the summer,
to join the black parade

haha, you dont come across as a person who would listen to that kind of music,
let alone one who would actually listen to the lyrics

respekkt. :D

cute dogs, btw

[T] Matt Says:

Sweet gamin’ rig. i wanna build one simmilar to it. How much did it cost you so i know what im in for. BTW cute pups. Yorkies are good dogs.

[T] TonInter Says:

Oh my… The word “nice ” hardly describes the new machine you have.. =) You should definitely try and install Pacman on that new thingie, to give it a test drive =)
The dogs are nice, a bit too harry for my taste =D

[T] chase Says:

Hey, nice rig.

What breed of dogs are your puppies? I’m very curious.

[T] Blake Says:

Aw, man, those dogs are cute!!!
And the gaming rig is looking damn nice!
*Looks at own PC, bows head and begins to cry, hands in face*

[T] Daniel Says:

Heh on the last pic the dog on the right looks like its about to say “What you looking at?”

[T] Graeme Says:

Very nice rig. I hope to build a similar one a few months down the road.

In case anyone is wondering on the prices, currently it’d cost you $3,211.95 to build one if you bought all the internals off of This does not include shipping, any peripherals, a monitor, or a case. Just the guts. $3,000-$4,000 is usually what you’ll spend on what could be called a “cutting-edge” rig at any given point in time.

The breakdown follows:
Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 Conroe 2.93GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor: $975.00

ASUS Striker Extreme LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX The Ultimate Gaming Motherboard: $329.99

ASUS EN8800GTX/HTDP/768M GeForce 8800GTX 384-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card x2: $1139.98

BFG Tech BFGRPHYSX128P PhysX Processing Unit 128MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Physics Card: $143.99

Seagate Barracuda ES ST3320620NS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive: $94.99

CORSAIR Dominator 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memor x2: $528.00

[T] chris Says:

hi Tim
first of all i love your dogs (so cute!), i’ve been wanting to get one like that for ages but my dad is alergic

also, i LOVE the rig, and im also happy because i found someone else who has at least one geforce 8800, i hope they run your
games well (especially tiberium wars). *drools over your rig* mmmm

[T] Atherax Says:

It’s times like these that you realise just how much your life sucks ass
So where do you live again? Do you have an alarm installed?

[T] mysteryxmike Says:

Hey Tim, sorry if somebody already asked this, but how much did all of it cost (rig not dogs =P )

The dogs are adorable btw.

Favourite picture (besides the inside of computer) is wherre the single dog is looking up at the camera. =P

Anyways, have a good weekend Tim.

[T] mysteryxmike Says:

…FUCK…if only I had Read Graeme’s comment before i said anything….

Well, now youve got another dog comment =P.

[T] Andy Says:

Sweet Jesus! That puppy is the cutest thing since …well, ..the last cutest thing!
So gorgeous!

Hmmm, now I realise I just repeated what a hundred or so other people had just said, I feel the need to say something else……


Pancakes!! Yeeeeeeah.

[T] Tybalt Says:

Nice PC. Almost like mine.

Its …
Same box
Same CPU
same graphic cards
and the and it is also Purring like a kitten….

p.S CUTE puppy

[T] Joe Says:

Hey man, I actually have an almost identical rig to you. I couldn’t afford the Dominator sticks so I went with some DDR2 800 XMS sticks, 4 gigs still though. You were right going with XP, my SLI on Vista is buggy as all hell. I have the 830 too, I love that thing, same heatsink as well. Google Asus Independent and join up there, join our team for the wars going on this summer.

[T] machika Says:

T.T dam! my computer sucks even more than life!!!
no no!!
… oh shit! she (computer) heard me!!
now I’ll have 2 restart!!! ¬¬

[T] Bambi Says:

GASP!! Yorkies are so sweet would of been funny to name them Ethan and Lucas LOL

[T] David Joslin Says:

Great Site and what about getting into tweaking your gaming rig after you built the rig?

[T] Katie Says:

Wow, you all look so happy. Your dogs are so cute! xx

[T] amer Says:

i just got a baby yorkie 12 weeks old her name is cloe shes adorable