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Oh girl, you have no faith in medicine

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Working right now to get comics drawn in advance in preparation for the move next week. Aside from being busy moving stuff, you know there’s always a chance the cable company will screw you over getting your service set up. So better to be prepared and let the comic auto-update, so I can focus on arranging my new habitat to my liking.

Did two comics today, then, since Britanny is busy planning a family party for this weekend, I decided to spend my evening with some games and a movie. Played some Tiger Woods 08, and a bit of Chromehounds which I picked again up because Brian “Atomic Robo” Clevinger has been playing. Then I settled in to watch Vacancy, that scary movie with Luke Wilson. Britanny refused to watch it with me. She used to like horror movies, then we saw Hostel. Blech. Movie was ok, ended a little… I dunno.

However somewhere during that two hours I grabbed a pad and sketched some sketchy. Fun.