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Projekt Wilderness Survival Revolution Weekend

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Britanny and I had a fairly eventful weekend. On Saturday afternoon we drove up to Devil’s Hopyard state park for some camping. We met up with our friends Briana and Dan, and their friends Tom and Krista. I think I was expecting a more… woodsy campsite, but it was still a nice location. We put up the tent then proceeded to get a fire going. Dan made some pasta, while I cooked some hot dogs over the fire. We hung out, played a board game, had marshmallows. It was pretty fun.

The sleeping, not so much fun. We thought that a couple of thick feather comforters spread out on the bottom of the tent would be cushion enough, but we were sorely mistaken. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, and I woke up with a bit of a stiff back. Next time I go camping I’m going to have to remedy that situation.

We got up early and made breakfast, and then came home to relax for the afternoon. My tempur-pedic mattress was a welcomed sight, let me tell you.

Later in the day we got ready and headed up to Hartford for the Projekt Revolution tour. Along the way we used my GPS to randomly select a place to eat. It was a Japanese restaurant and when we got there we almost turned around to find someplace else, because the place looked like a dive. But we decided to check it out anyway, and inside the restaurant was gorgeous. Food turned out to be really good as well.

The concert had been going on for hours by the time we got there. There were a bunch of bands playing, and had we not gone camping the night before I might have cared to get there early enough to see some of them (Styles of Beyond, HIM). We did get there in time to see MCR.. Gerard was the most effeminate as I’ve seen him, and I’ve seen MCR live twice before. But it was a good show, and then we hung out until Linkin Park came on.

We had tickets for the pit, so we got pretty close to the stage. Linkin Park played for about two hours, and a good mix of songs from all their albums. All in all, not a bad evening.

Only one more week before I start moving to the new house. I’ll take some pictures after I get moved in.

Some weekend pics after the… break thingy.